3 Things You Never Knew You Could Do in Khao Sok National Park


One of the most spectacular places on Earth, Khao Sok National Park is know for it’s unparalleled biodiversity and natural beauty. Located in southeast Thailand between Suratthani and Khao Lak, the 739 km² park is a must-see for all nature lovers!

Enjoy the rain forest where you can hire adventure tours trough the rivers, visit the incredible Cheow Lake and kayak for the whole day and under the starts at night and fall asleep on a relaxing floating bungalow, everything in this beautiful scenery.

If you think it sound to good to be true you are better sit down because there is more! Housing a gigantic biodiversity, this is the oldest evergreen rain forest in the world and you will see here an extraordinary number of wild animals and plants, including the famous Rafflesia flower, the biggest flower in the world!



This astonishing destination promises an unforgettable visit for everyone, from solo travelers or a whole family, bringing together adventure, nature, preservation and history.

Start packing for this magnificent trip!




When in Thailand you will find yourself surrounded by wildness and at one point that makes you wonder how would it be to survive there, in the heart of the jungle.

Khao Sok National Park gives you the opportunity to learn the best survival techniques on an incredible adventure, hiking up a mountain and down thought beautiful waterfalls, going thought challenging river crossing, ending the tour with a experience of a lifetime. Get ready to hunt your own dinner, build your bamboo utensils and spend a surprising night in the middle of the rain forest with all the amazing sights nature can offer you.



This tour is offered from different agencies and house guests in Khao Sok. I got it with Evergreen House, I stayed there for couple of nights, the owners, a couple, were super helpful and friendly, the gave us goos disconts on every tour with got there and the bangoloos were clean and cute as can be, also they have a bar/restaurant with good food and lots of Chang for the night!

Anyways for me it was an unforgettable experience. We got Cho as a guide and I totally recommend him! His English is not so good but he was amazing, patient and funny! He tried on every way to communicate with us all the time. We start the hike from somewhere in some road and the first day we went 10 km up the mountain, no water and a thousand leeches sticking to our skin every second haha. Sounds disgusting I know, but trust me, it is worth it!




The way up it’s a bit harsh, there is no river on the way so we had to carry our tent, gear and water all the time under the scorching sun. Cho gave us some coke leafs the chew cuz it gives you energy to keep going! (super bitter leafs). By the went of the hike (on the first day) we reach a beautiful waterfall which we had to go down! Scary at first sight, but well, no options here haha (don’t worry there is a rope to help you not to fall). Hearing the sound of water for the fist time that day was like music for my ears (and for my bleeding leeches legs!). When you got to the end of the waterfall we set our tent and pull of the hooks to catch our dinner! With a fire we cooked rice on the bamboo, grilled fish with curry and bamboo water with our new cups and spoons made of bamboo (serious, is incredible the amount of stuff you can build with this!). We practise our Cups Song for a while, which btw we were teaching for everyone we met on this travel haha and the rest of the night was dark and quiet, only the sound of the forest.

The second day we got up quiet early to start the way down now to the entrance of the park. Half of this path we had already done by ourselfs when we fist got there, still it was terrific. This time we cross the river a couple of times (strong river, be careful with the backpacks!) and stop several time for a bath which was refreshing because it is Thailand, so stupidly hot! At the end Cho congrats us with a noodle and a beer!

Therefore, with this tour you will have your own guide for a unique lesson which you will remember forever. The National Park still has many secrets waiting for you, yet to uncover, hidden in its deep forests, are you up for this?




The Cheow Lan lake with its monumental mountains it is a place you could call Heaven. A wonderful site to relax, have a drink, swim and enjoy a glorious sunset (and a even more splendid sunrise).

The most unique experience you can have here is the opportunity to spend the night in a charming floating hut. There are tours that will take you on this astonishing boat trip to those adorable little houses swinging on the lake for an unforgettable night.

This is a perfect place to enjoy the day. Between the bungalows you will find a bar where you can have a drink, a nice meal and a chat with other adventures and locals.

Here you might find yourself on a night boat safari, looking for wild animals and bird watching while sailing trough the big cliffs impressed with this amazing landscape.


Enjoy Thailand hot whether swimming at this marvelous lake and for the outdoor adventures, kids and families, there are a number of kayaks available for you to paddle as much as you want, day and night, watching the sunset and the stars.



From the Cheow Lan Lake get hop up on a boat that will take you on an easy hike into the jungle until incredible caves. Different from everything you will even seen the limestone caves are are gorgeous and untouched areas.

Watch out for the adorable bats and have a look at the spiders ans snakes around! Get to climb a wall to pass over a waterfall, walk on water and take a revitalizing shower inside the cave all included on this exploration trip!



A truly trilling experience for everyone, walk around the Stalactites and stalagmites with no artificial lights, lit only by the yellow glow of your headlamp is a once in a life time experience!

For now, thats it folks, I hope this was helpful! 😀

Yummy in my tummy: the Thai cuisine

When in Thailand there are certain things you CAN NOT miss, and I mean the food, all of it!


As a proud Brazilian the thing I miss the most living abroad was the food from Brazil. For the first time I was in a place where the food was as good as!

Thai cuisine is so tasty, spicy and delicious that is hard to pick a favorite dish.  I believe I can describe it as a perfect mix of Indian and Chinese with aplus of lot of coconut.

My advice is to try everything! After that I bet you will want to take the famous cooking class everyone talks about, mostly because you will feel like you can’t live without Pad Thai anymore like, everything will be meaningless without it haha.

But what do they eat there?

You probablly heard that they eat insects and rice right? Not very appeling haha.

Well, basically thai cuisine uses rice on everything (that wasn’t such a weird thing for me since we have rice and beans everyday in Brazil, just not that much!). Seriously, rice all the time and everywhere: breakfast, lunch and dinner; fried, cooked, in the soup; even as a dessert!! And it taste like HEAVEN! Especially the sticky rice with mango (sounds a bit disgusting but you trust me, you will want to try that!).



Be careful when they pop the question: ‘ do you want spicyyyy? ’. Do not be fool, that is important, DO NOT BE FOOL by the nice smile on their face, they actually mean to say: ‘SUPER HOT’, ‘LIKE HELL IN YOUR MOUTH’, ‘SPITTING FIRE LIKE A DRAGON’, spyce. Haha, I love spicy food, but it was way too much. Most of the times they asked me if I wanted European spicy or the Thai way, but I didn’t dare the Thai because the European was already burning my taste buds (in a good ‘crying my eyes out’ way).

Pad Thai:


Ok, I can’t even begin to describe how much I LOVED this. I ate it pretty much every day and those days I haven’t, I regretted.

Pad Thai is a delicious option made of rice noodle and beans sprouts with thai spices. Funny enough the lady at the cooking class told me that for Thai people this is the least favorite, on the other hand it is the winner between tourists.

Green Curry:


I made this one myself (yey!) and it was the spiciest food I have ever tried!

It was exquisite and I couldn’t stop eating even though my eyes were watering (ok, not true, I was actually getting dehydratase with all the water coming out of my eyes), my hands sweating and I could feel my face swallow.

Definitely worth the try!

Tom Yum:


This is a super spicy shrimp soup!

Sticky rice with Mango:


Aaaand that is the one! The rice dessert! You can find it as a street food, in the market, anywhere! It was astonishing how good it tasted!

Papaya Salad:


All I can say is that I regret that it took me so long to try this.

And of course, anything cooked in a bamboo in the jungle!!!


As for the street food, I tried all the time and didn’t had a problem, no stomach cake or anything, on the contrary, everything was extremely tasty and cheap as it can be.

What about the insects?!

INSECTS. Everyone who is planning a trip to Asia end up crossing the information about the fried insects. Most of the times, about famous scorpion on a stick. The thing is, the scorpion is a touristic play, they don’t actually eat it there. On the other hand, if you want to taste the real Thai lifestyle experience, try the worms and crickets , that is real! (I even ‘hunt’ crickets on a hiking trip with the guide who was saving it on a jar to take it for dinner fro his wife haha, nice gift right?!)

Be prepare to new experiences and keep an open mind!  I thing the weirdess thing for me was a night on a small village when they hunt and cooked us a CAT soup (this is a history for another time, but no, it was not good)! Anyway, I saw a lot of people refusing to try the food and eating nothing but rice when in a jungle trek, just, don’t be that guy! Haha.

Tip: To enjoy a nice chilling afternoon in the sun, go for Chang!


Cheers! (careful with the changover though hahaha)


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